ESI-LAW Certified Installer

The ESI Certified Partner Program allows installers and trainers in the industry to join part of a winning team by affiliating themselves with ESI, a longstanding industry leader in law office software solutions. It also helps promote relationships between ESI and it's representatives by solidifying partnerships . Through the program certified installers and trainers will receive priority support, pre-releases and product documentation, and acknowledgement of affiliation with ESI in newsletters, on the web through, and in other publications.
All certified trainers are required to write an exam that focuses on the fundamentals of installing and training on ESI-LAW and other ESI applications such as Bill Generator and Timetracker. The purpose of this exam is to uphold quality standards by ensuring that trainers are familiar with the software, basic accounting principles, and have a firm understanding of how ESI-LAW integrates in a law office environment. Certified installers are not required to write this exam.