Master Certified Novell Engineer

Novell's Master CNEs are the industry's leading integration specialists. This certification is recognized as the highest level of technical certification you can achieve in the IT industry. A Master CNE has advanced skills required to provide solutions to complex networking problems that may span across several different platforms and product solutions. They are on the cutting edge of emerging technologies, and are able to act as integration consultants to maximize your networking investments. Their training allows them to demonstrate proficiency in several skill sets and applications. All Master CNEs possess in-depth knowledge of design and implementation, network infrastructure and network management. They are skilled in various technologies, including the internet, eDirectory integration with NT and Windows 2000, GroupWise and BorderManager. This certification gives the skills needed to answer questions and solve problems that keep customers' complex networks running smoothly by using advanced networking skills.


Certified Novell Engineer

A Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) is more effective at managing network environments than non-certified employees, and improves a company's overall network efficiency. CNE training gives the skills to provide high-end, solutions-based technical support, such as:

  • Creating an Internet infrastructure to build one Net
  • Network planning, installation and configuration
  • Performing system upgrades
  • Improving network printing performance
  • Managing network databases

Certified Novell Administrator

A CNA provides on-site administration for software users in a variety of work environments, including professional offices and small businesses, workgroups or departments, and corporate information services (IS). In short, CNAs handle the day-to-day administration of an installed Novell networking product: NetWare 6, NetWare5, NetWare 4.11 (InternetWare)or GroupWise. CNA certification is recognized worldwide as the standard of excellence for administering Novell products. Small businesses to corporate IS departments worldwide are using CNAs to provide personalized, on-site administrative support for NetWare and GroupWise users. A CNA can provide this level of support in a variety of ways, from assisting users in a workgroup environment to handling entry-level IS help desk calls.

Certified Novell Salesperson

The CNS is an exclusive certification for those who sell and/or consult on Novell products. Novell PowerSell training shows how to combine sales skills with intensive Novell product knowledge to sell solutions that meet real-world customer needs. CNS certification is the industry's first vendor initiated certification that proves you know how to solve your customers' business problems with technology solutions. It shows you can get beyond techno-speak and provide solutions that make sense to customers. Being a CNS differentiates you from your competitors, gives you added credibility, and legitimizes the solutions you sell.